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COVID Cronyism: How Government-Business Ties Shaped the Pandemic Response

The American Conservative’s 5th Annual Crony Capitalism Conference

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was created to be a lifeline to small businesses struggling to stay afloat as the response to COVID-19 severely restricted their operations and decimated their bottom lines. But funding was quickly distributed to publicly traded companies, including established franchises, while mom and pop operations struggled to get access. Big and small banks alike allocated the lion’s share of monies to their relationship customers first, demonstrating once again that, even in a pandemic, the well-connected always end up at the front of the line. REGISTER NOW

Danny Sjursen on AFRICOM’s Latest Adventure in Mozambique

Danny Sjursen talks about the absurdity of the recent announcement that America is sending special forces troops to Mozambique, a country that he says has basically no strategic relevance to the United States whatsoever. Those who argue that this is only a dozen operatives who will stay less than two months, he says, don’t understand the way the U.S. military works. These operations always entail a vast number of support personnel and infrastructure, and they always find a way of exceeding their schedules. This is just the latest move in “The Great Game” that America plays for global dominance. LISTEN NOW

Biden Announces All US and Nato Troops to Leave Afghanistan by September 11

US president Joe Biden has declared it was time “to end America’s longest war” as he announced that nearly 10,000 US and Nato troops would return home from Afghanistan in the run-up to the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Addressing the world from the White House, Biden said 2,500 US troops plus a further 7,000 from “Nato allies” including 750 from the UK would gradually leave the country starting on 1 May. “The plan has long been in together, out together,” he added. READ MORE