Steve GumaerSteve Gumaer is the founder and President of Partners Relief & Development, an international Christian aid organization that works with children affected by war and oppression.
For the past 20 years, Steve, his family, and team have worked in three primary areas: sustainable community development, strengthening families and communities to prevent the exploitation and trafficking of children, and relief delivery during times of acute crisis. While the work began along the Thai-Myanmar border, it has expanded to include many projects throughout Southeast Asia, emergency relief for the Rohingya in Bangladesh, as well as aid to refugees and internally displaced people from Syria and Yemen.
Partners Relief & Development is registered in six countries and staffed by team members of nine nationalities. Together, they deliver help and hope to hundreds of thousands of displaced people and refugees each year.
Steve is a father to three beautiful daughters. He has a contagious faith and believes in the potential of every individual to change the world. His vision to bring hope and light in the darkest places has not been diluted, nor has his clarion call for each of us to set aside a “normal” existence in favor of a passionate pursuit of God’s heart for people.
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