Win the Debate

Below are talking points that will help you win the debate on these topics. Have other recommendations we should include? Email us at

  • We believe that adequate care for American citizens should be our priority before we spend vast sums of money on failed operations overseas.
  • When people rail about overseas operations it is hard to stop thinking that the plight of American citizens is more important.
  • It is unimaginable that we spend billions of dollars overseas when we have so many Americans in great need.
  • When government agencies fail in their mission, why do they receive a budget increase? In the non-government world, failure usually means much less money or none at all.
  • Why is it usually the case that people knowledgeable about various wars present any path forward that requires more war?
  • Our wars of regime change have create failed states, which turn out to be worse than the regime we didn’t like.
  • Many use the excuse “we must stand strong” when selling military action. Don’t they think it looks weak to repeatedly send in the “most powerful military in history” and lose conflicts against third world rag tag militias who still use donkeys as a form of transportation?
  • All these interventions have not made America or the world safer. Certainly not the people in the countries which we have wrecked.
  • It is not unpatriotic to ask that the loyal and dedicated members of our military be kept home safe with their families instead of  being maimed in failed third world wars.