January 28, 2018


Axios: The U.S. involvement in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis

Jamie McGoldrick, U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, recently told NPR that the war in Yemen has led to "the largest humanitarian crisis in the world." Widespread hunger has contributed to a massive

The New York Times: I Helped Sell the False Choice of War Once. It’s Happening Again.

Fifteen years ago this week, Colin Powell, then the secretary of state, spoke at the United Nations to sell pre-emptive war with Iraq. As his chief of staff, I helped Secretary

National Review: Release the Memo That Really Matters

In an outrage and scandal-driven news cycle, it’s easy to lose sight of the truly significant stories. Let’s talk memos, for example. The past five days have been dominated by

Defense One: The War in Yemen and the Making of a Chaos State

Aid workers, journalists, and experts describe little-appreciated realities about a 1,000-day conflict and — just maybe — how to turn things around The world’s worst humanitarian crisis is in Yemen.

New Yorker: How the U.S. is Making the War in Yemen Worse

The conflict has killed at least ten thousand civilians, and the country faces famine. Why are we still involved? Funerals in Yemen are traditionally large affairs. When prominent figures die,

The New York Times: Stop the Unconstitutional War in Yemen

WASHINGTON — Imagine that the entire population of Washington State — 7.3 million people — were on the brink of starvation, with the port city of Seattle under a naval

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